Whether it’s fair or not, expectations dictate our perception of reality, the same goes in the NBA. Suppose you just got a new job. Congratulations! Only, there’s a catch. You’re not qualified enough to receive the salary they listed. Instead, you’ll be making 30k less per year. …Congratulations? 

In the NBA, where a player is taken in the draft determines how we view them. For example, Clint Capella and Deandre Ayton are very similar players.

Yet, because Capela was picked 25th in the draft, and Ayton was picked first, we view them differently.

Generally speaking, Capela is seen as a success story, while Ayton’s career so far has been viewed as somewhere between “fine” and “mildly disappointing”. 

Fairly or not, those are the burdens that are associated with high expectations.

With that said, here’s a deal that sees the two swapping sides this year that both teams would expect to work out for them. 


Phoenix Suns Receive: C Clint Capela, F/C John Collins

Atlanta Hawks Receive: C Deandre Ayton, F Jae Crowder