If you're in Gainesville, Georgia and want a Sam Adams beer, don’t go to the Browns Bridge Exxon gas station. The store has pulled all the beer, made in New England by the Boston Beer Company, off the shelves until after the Atlanta Falcons play the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. The store is gaining national attention for its unique way of supporting the home team. The store’s manager, Viral Chhadua, placed a note on the refrigerator saying, "We will not be selling any Sam Adams until after the Super Bowl #RiseUp." He then posted the photo on the store's Facebook page, where it was shared thousands of times. If that wasn’t enough, Chhadua then posted in the comments that they will be promoting SweetWater Brewing Company’s Atlanta-based beers instead. "We're promoting your Atlanta-based beer instead, so if you guys want to send us to the Super Bowl we wouldn't hate ya for it," he wrote. Chhadua said he did it to show the country that Atlanta is a passionate sports town, something that a Boston Globe writer tried to debunk in a recent article.