The Atlanta Braves official Twitter feed announced the Spring Training rotation of Fredi Gonzalez this afternoon: This includes Tim Hudson receiving the start for the first Spring Training game this Friday. Counting forward every five days from that first Spring game to opening day at Turner Field on April 1st, the fourth spot in the above rotation would be up, making Kris Medlen the opening day starter. That would then setup the rotation as Medlen, Mike Minor, Tim Hudson, Paul Maholm, and Julio Teheran. Another scenario is that the rotation is pushed backed three times during the spring, with three off-days, allowing Hudson to make the opening day start. With an off-day after opening day, Maholm would get the second start of the year, pushing Teheran to the back of the line, and setting up the rotation to be Hudson, Maholm, Medlen, Minor, Teheran. That scenario makes the most sense, especially when you factor in that veteran players are usually given the opening day start, and quite often stacked first in the rotation. This rotation of Hudson, Maholm, Medlen, Minor, and Teheran, also breaks up the lefties in the rotation (but keeps all the M's together).