Question: Who is the best small forward in the NBA's Western Conference? Most would say the answer is obvious -- Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant. So it was striking Sunday night when Blazers forward Gerald Wallace, playing for long stretches at small forward, outplayed Durant during the Thunder's 99-90 victory over Portland in Oklahoma City. Wallace outscored Durant 40 points to 21 while scoring in all kinds of ways -- layups, offensive rebounds, jump shots, three-pointers, backdoor cuts. He also blocked shots and had steals and basically dominated the game. So now comes the question from The Oregonian's Jason Quick: Is if time to move Wallace, who has been starting a power forward, to his natural position, small forward? Here's the thing about small forward: It's not a strong position in the NBA, and especially not in the Western Conference. Unlike power forward and point guard, there are only a handful of All-Star caliber small forwards in the league. Durant is in the conversation for the being the league's best at the position. The other top contenders for that mythical title are Miami's LeBron James and New York's Carmelo Anthony, both of whom now play in the East. So do Boston's Paul Pierce, Indiana's Danny Granger and Philadelphia's Andre Iguodala.