Is Brad Marchand a pest or a solid all-around player? Unfortunately for the 26-year-old Bruins left winger, the answer was the former during the Stanley Cup playoffs. Worse, he was a pest both to Boston and its opponents. After the Bruins exited the playoffs with a loss in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference second round to Montreal, Marchand had 18 penalty minutes and no goals to show for his efforts through 12 games. Marchand’s playoff performance was a bitter end to an inconsistent season for him and his fellow left wingers in black and gold. Here is how all of Boston’s left wingers graded out for the 2013-14 season: Milan Lucic Contract status: Has two more years left on his contract with Boston to avoid doing something dumb on or off the ice he has to apologize for. Grade: A-minus With 21 even-strength goals as part of his 24-goal season, Lucic continued to forge his reputation as one of the premier power forwards in the NHL. He was once again a physical factor and found great chemistry with newcomer Jarome Iginla. Lucic was integral to the Bruins’ elimination of Detroit in the first round with three goals. The Bruins needed more than just one empty-net goal from him against the Canadiens, but expecting him to carry the load for an entire playoff run would’ve been unfair. If he stops checking whether opponents are wearing a cup, he’ll be fine for the future as a perennial 25-plus-goal scorer. Brad Marchand Contract status: Signed until Tyler Seguin demands the Dallas Stars move heaven, Earth and Jamie Benn to acquire his party buddy. (Just kidding, he has three more years left, plus a no-trade clause, on his deal with Boston.) Grade: C