I was worried it would be a stiff event. Then someone dropped the World Series trophy. Halfway through dinner during "One Great Night in November," the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's high-powered, mens-only fundraiser, the table collapsed that held the 2017 Commissioner's Trophy, which Astros owner Jim Crane had brought to the MFAH to give the evening a celebratory start. The trophy was swiftly placed back onto the table, but it did not survive the fall unscathed. Suddenly, men in tuxes were giggling about how "we'll just have to win another one" while a cohort of large men with earpieces assembled around the trophy like bodyguards. But everyone could still see it: Some of the flags on the trophy were noticeably bent out of shape. Soon, a turquoise bag was placed over the championship trophy and it was taken away from the large gallery area serving as the night's ballroom, where hundreds of Houston's richest and most powerful men continued on with their conversations over Michael Stewart wine, Bucheron cheese, venison with Pinot Noir reduction and South Texas quail.