The Astros placed starting pitchers Wandy Rodriguez and Brett Myers and shortstop Clint Barmes on waivers, according to a person with knowledge of the moves. While all are on the active roster and might be for years to come in the cases of the pitchers, who have multiyear deals, the asking of trade waivers began a process by which the Astros' rebuilding process could continue even though the July 31 non-waiver deadline has passed. All three players were placed on waivers Friday and if no team claims them within two business days — into Tuesday — the Astros are free to trade the players. If a player is claimed, the Astros may work out a trade with only that team. They also may simply hand the contract to the claiming team for the $20,000 claim price. Or they can pull the player from waivers with no second chance to put him through this type of waiver. If he is claimed by multiple teams, the priority for which team is awarded the claim begins with the one with the worst record in the National League (excluding the Astros, of course) and goes in ascending order within the NL before going to the worst American League team and upward through the AL standings. General manager Ed Wade had no comment other than to say thatthe Astros run all of their players through waivers over the course of August. Because the players can be pulled back once without penalty, there is no reason to keep even the most "untouchable" players from the waiver process.