The Houston Astros may have known what was coming in 2017 in their march to a World Series, but they needed more than a garbage can to predict what would be coming their way this offseason. The sign-stealing scandal that consumed baseball this winter brought forth everything from league-wide criticism to lawsuits from Astros fans themselves.

Now the team’s lawyers are firing back at the season-ticket holders who filed a lawsuit, saying they have “no legal standing” to recover damages.

The Houston legal team responded to its first lawsuit last week, according to Daniel Kaplan at The Athletic, and it represents their first step forward in defending themselves from lawsuits. In this case, season-ticket holders sued the team for “deceptively overcharging” them after winning the 2017 World Series. The Astros have also been sued by an opposing pitcher who claims the Astros’ cheating ruined his career.