What the Houston Astros are doing is almost obscene, becoming more ridiculous by the day.

One day, they score 21 runs with a franchise-record 11 doubles.

The next, it’s 15 runs with a franchise-tying seven home runs.

“That’s what’s scary about this lineup,’’ Astros starter Wade Miley told USA TODAY Sports. “This (expletive) can happen every. It’s crazy.

“My buddy text me a while ago and said, 'Murder’s Row. Bull ... It’s Murderers' Mile'.

“It’s unbelievable every single night.’’

If the Astros’ pitching staff isn’t terrifying enough with co-Cy Young favorites Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole, future Hall of Famer Zack Greinke, and a 13-game winner in Miley, try to somehow beat them when they’re bludgeoning you to death offensively.

The Astros became the first team in 66 years, and only the fourth in history, to win consecutive games by at least 15 runs with their 21-1 blowout Sunday over the Seattle Mariners, followed by the 15-0 clobbering Monday night over the Oakland Athletics.