The 26-year-old defender moved from Bournemouth for an initial £20million, rising to a possible £26.5million dependant on add-ons.

It was a figure which raised eyebrows among some observers at the time and Mings admits he was among them.

“Was I surprised by the figures? Yes, I was,” he says. “I knew Bournemouth wanted the money back for players they had signed, so I thought the figure would have been about £15m or £16m.

“Everyone would have looked at that and said: ‘That’s probably a good deal’.

“Then it went up to whatever it went up to in the end and people were looking at it thinking: ‘I don’t know whether we have had our pants pulled down here!’”

Just four Premier League matches and one England call-up later and there can surely be no-one who thinks Villa had their pants pulled down.