Don't look now — or maybe look and hold your breath — but Nate Robinson is averaging 8.6 assists and 1.4 turnovers in the last five games he has started for Kirk Hinrich. The 16.6 points per game in that span isn't a surprise. Such a deft floor game might be to anybody not named Robinson. "I've just been a ballplayer my whole career. I'm not doing anything different," Robinson said. "This is the way I've played since high school. I'm just more mature and trying to be patient and poised. It has been working." Robinson actually averaged a career-high 4.5 assists last season in 51 games for the Warriors in the lockout-shortened season. His 4.1 assists this season are currently tied for the second-highest average of his eight-year career. Robinson is averaging 1.5 turnovers. "Golden State was more of a scoring team. We shot transition 3-pointers," Robinson said. "Here, I have to know every spot and every position and be more like a point guard or leader out there.