Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma definitely doesn’t lack for confidence.

For good reason. He overcame so much to an NBA rotation player.

But, sometimes, his confidence makes him sound silly.

Tyler Conway of Bleacher Report:

he still sees himself as a player capable of averaging 25 points per game and reaching All-Star heights.

“I definitely can. I definitely believe that, too. I don’t really care what nobody thinks or says. I know myself, and I know my ability. It’s hard to be consistent in an inconsistent role. I’m excited for a more consistent space next year,” Kuzma said.

“My biggest thing is I just want to play within a consistent role,” Kuzma said. “If I have that ability, I’ll be able to showcase what I can really do. There were parts of this year—and even anywhere else in my career—when I’m in a consistent space, I’m out there handling the ball, making teammates better, scoring, shooting, defending, rebounding. I think if I’m in that space, I’ll be good.”