The hurricane-riddled, starting-quarterback-losing, cocaine-platter-punctuated season is over. Goodbye, 2017. The Miami Dolphins think you stunk. By the time this season ended, head coach Adam Gase was in such a perpetually bad mood, he got mad at a player this week because the player followed a poor practice with a great day, carrying out his assignments perfectly and showing precision on his techniques. And that seemed like good news to everyone except Gase, who was peeved because he believes the player capable of such heights should be stringing one great practice after another by this time of year. This disappointing, long, unsatisfying and unacceptable season was bad for months, but the past two weeks made things embarrassing. Last week, the Dolphins laid an egg in Kansas City despite having a chance to extend their playoff hopes. This week, the Buffalo Bills installed a belly play for defensive tackle Kyle Williams. And sure enough, when the offense got down to the one-yard line in the third quarter, the Bills brought in the 6-foot-1 and 303-pound lineman, handed him the football and celebrated in unison after he scored the first touchdown of his 12-year career. That’s how 2017 went for the Dolphins. It began with all the promise of a playoff berth and ended with this 22-16 loss and some folks wondering whether people should be fired.