This is how his day was going: Zach Parise juked to his left, then to his right, but was stopped each time. This was not on the ice. This was in the locker room as he tried to get to a table of Gatorade cups. "It's a logjam," Parise observed before leaving the room. That was his only public comment after the Devils lost 3-0 to the Rangers in Game 3, after Parise went without a goal for the third straight game in this series. The Devils captain blew off multiple requests for interviews, the first time anyone can remember him doing that. He walked through the locker room with his head down, ignoring reporters when they called out his name. That he is a stand-up guy, both polite and professional in his dealings with the media, made this even more unusual. Is he frustrated with the way this series is going, with the Rangers leading 2-1 thanks to a pair of shutouts? Is he boycotting reporters after a comment from his father caused a mid-series headache? Is this a failing of the Devils PR staff for not nudging him out there to avoid a controversy?