The A's are trying to survive the four-year itch, insisting that they're focusing on business on the field in Arizona and in the front office in Oakland. It's not easy, considering that Major League Baseball is in its 47th month analyzing the team's stadium situation, with no clear sign of a resolution. Next month marks the four-year anniversary of Commissioner Bud Selig establishing his three-man committee to help fix the team's housing problem. The A's still play at the Coliseum, where they "can not and will not continue indefinitely," according to Selig in his news release on March 30, 2009, the day he appointed the committee to partake in what Selig called a "thorough analysis of why a stadium deal has not been reached." As the wait for answers continues, with lawyers ready to strike no matter what decision is made, the A's are preparing to open the 2013 season at their old home on April 1. Two days after the committee's fourth birthday. Lew Wolff is still the point man for the A's, presumably still faithful to Selig amid the twists and turns of an inexhaustible process. This week, two more stories materialized, one that Wolff took personally and refuted and one that he publicly ignored. "I'm done with it at this time," Wolff said Thursday of a squabble involving Oakland city officials who accused Wolff of failing to forward an e-mailed letter to them explaining his pursuit of a five-year lease extension. As it turns out, City Administrator Deanna Santana and assistant Fred Blackwell acknowledged that they were wrong, realizing Wolff did send the letter, and Wolff received a round of apologies. Read more: