The three rookie quarterbacks who took the NFL by storm last season — Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson — are all excellent athletes who can beat teams with their feet as well as with their arms. But last year, Luck and Wilson were somewhat overlooked as running threats while people marveled at the running ability of RG3. A former track star who might have become an Olympic hurdler if he hadn’t decided to focus full-time on football, Griffin is probably the best athlete ever to play quarterback in the NFL. As a rookie, he ran the ball 120 times for 815 yards and seven touchdowns. He led all quarterbacks in rushing yards, and his average of 6.8 yards a carry was the best for any player in the league, at any position, with more than 50 carries. Griffin, of course, ended his season getting carted off the field in the playoffs, and it’s unsurprising that after reconstructive knee surgery, he’s not the same runner this season. Although his rushing totals are still better than most NFL quarterbacks (38 carries for 233 yards), he’s on pace to finish this year with about 200 fewer yards this year than last year, his average yards per carry is down more than half a yard to 6.1, and he has yet to score a rushing touchdown this season. Griffin isn’t running as often as he did last year and isn’t making as many big plays when he does run.