Fernando Rodney dances around the A's clubhouse in nothing but a towel and flip flops.

If you didn't know any better, you would think he was the youngest player on the team, an over-excited rookie who couldn't contain his energy. Of course, it's the exact opposite -- Rodney is the oldest player in Major League Baseball.

At the age of 42, Rodney is three years older than anyone else in the league (39-year-old Albert Pujols is his closest competition). The A's reliever is the only active player in baseball who was born in the 1970s -- 1977 to be exact.

"(Liam) Hendriks is the only guy who gives me a hard time," Rodney jokes, glancing over at his fellow reliever two lockers down. "He says I'm the viejo (old man), the Papa Grande."

Hendriks admits guilt: "I mean, a little bit. You've got to do it respectfully. The guy's earned that respect from everything he's done. But yeah, you rag on him a little bit."

You can tell Rodney is universally respected throughout the clubhouse. Now in his 17th major league season, his 325 career saves rank 18th in MLB history. Monday night, he became the 26th pitcher to reach 900 career appearances.

"I think that's a badge of honor for him," A's manager Bob Melvin said. "I think he really enjoys the fact that he's been around as long as he has and can still be productive."

Added closer Blake Treinen: "You've got to utilize him as somebody who's been around longer than a lot of us have even played the game. The fact that he's still doing it is a huge blessing and a gift. The things he's gone through and the experiences he's encountered are huge teaching points to a lot of us."