You know how it is when you're one half of a couple: one night one person gets to pick an activity. The next time, the other person chooses. Say, a heavy metal music outing with Between the Buried and Me and Coheed and Cambria one night. Then taking in Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards at NASCAR another day. Those are examples of the "man dates" that A's Australian pitcher Travis Blackley and Georgia-born right fielder Josh Reddick have been on this spring. The odd couple teammates and roommates seem to be a case of opposites attracting. "We're at very opposite ends of the spectrum," Reddick said. "I'm from the South. I'm a redneck. I like country music. I like wrestling. He's from across the world. He likes heavy metal screaming-into-the-microphone music, which is forbidden where I'm from. He's all tatted up. I have five tattoos. The differences are as obvious as can be." And then there's the fact that one is a pitcher and one is a position player. But it's all part of the A's charming chemistry: These players are fun and funny, and they all seem to not only get along but adore each other. "We have a lot of odd couples going on here," manager Bob Melvin said. "That one might be at the forefront, I will admit. I think it's because we have a loose, light clubhouse where everyone gets along. We want to see everyone comingle. "You can say bromance," Melvin added. "I say comingle." Bromance is the word being used on Twitter. "I don't like to put labels on it," Blackley said, laughing. Read more: