It’s “the biggest day of the year for us as a staff,” Terry Collins said yesterday, and it carries weight for the players, too. For the first time, the entire team convenes in one room and takes stock of its expectations. Collins and his Mets players voiced their standard optimism after completing their initial full-squad workout at Tradition Field yesterday, and let’s get real: Odds are strong we aren’t looking at a playoff team here. Yet it’s the words of an anonymous official from a competing National League team that offer the faintest glimmer of hope for this club. Words that balance, if by only one degree, the notion Collins served straight Kool-Aid to the Mets yesterday: “If you can pitch,” the official said, “you can compete.” Combine the Mets’ relative strength of their arms with the proper mindset, the seeds having been planted by Collins in his annual introductory speech, and you have the road map, nothing more, to a miracle. “It’s more about focusing on what you’ve got in your clubhouse than what you didn’t get or what everybody else has,” Daniel Murphy said. “This is a group of guys we’re ready to go to war with. That’s all you can really control or focus on. It’s a good group. “I think that what I got from [Collins’ speech] was, we’ve got the men in the room to play the kind of baseball we want to. That’s all we could control.”