Pat Neshek pointed to the base of his locker at Phoenix Muni, where there is a big pile of letters and packages from fans. He and his wife, Stephanee, have been overwhelmed by all the support after the death of their newborn son, Gehrig John, in the fall. "It's so nice, we do appreciate it," Neshek said. "But when you're trying to get past it, and then you hear about it, it reminds you all over again." Neshek said Tuesday that things are a little better now, though he and Stephanee struggle every day and they had counseling to talk about the tragedy. "She had a hard time, and she still is, but we've made a lot of strides," Neshek said. "I wouldn't say I'm fine, but she was the one who held him all the time, and it's been real tough for her. I am proud of how far she's come. "It will be years, I think. There is no way to get better. But there is hope we will have another kid." Gehrig's death, 23 hours after he was born, was unexplained at the time, but the Nesheks now are pursuing legal action. Neshek said he cannot go into details, citing the legal matter, but has hired an attorney and a pathologist to look into Gehrig's death. "I really can't talk about it but we wanted to look into everything that happened and we pretty much know what caused it," Neshek said. The Nesheks don't want anyone else to have to go through anything similar, and, Neshek said, they would like to establish a trust in Gehrig's name. Neshek pitched in Game 1 of the Division Series against Detroit just three days after Gehrig's death and got two outs. He touched Gehrig's initials on his sleeve, and tapped his chest; later, he said he felt he had someone looking down on him. Read more: