Behind every MLB rule change, there’s a real human being.

Behind every tick of the pitch clock, there’s an actual person, trying this spring to hit the reset button and undo years — maybe even a lifetime — of routine and comfort zones.

Behind every new clause in the rule book, there’s somebody in a big-league uniform, wondering why that clause had to go and mess with them, as opposed to those other 2,000 dudes running around spring training.

So meet Kevin Gausman, “poster boy” for a change few of us had even thought about — including him. How did the Blue Jays right-hander wind up on MLB’s rule change Most Wanted List this spring? He’s a toe-tapper. That’s how.

That was never a problem for, say, Fred Astaire. But it’s a problem for Gausman, because he’s currently starring in a not-so-major motion picture from MLB’s new “Mess with Your Dreamworks” studios.

It’s a little video feature, shown by MLB to managers and media alike this spring, on now-illegal pitching deliveries. And it stars Gausman, along with Houston righty Luis Garcia, as toe-tappers or false-starters whose old delivery is now considered by MLB to be a balk.

So in a world in which balking on every pitch wouldn’t work out real well, Gausman is now a reformed toe-tapper. Wish him luck.