The Mets’ equipment truck pulled out of cold Citi Field on Monday, bound for Port St. Lucie. Spring training is just one week away, but the team’s outfield remains in flux, as does the possibility of signing free agent Michael Bourn. The club continues its complex pursuit of the All-Star center fielder, general manager Sandy Alderson said Monday, unsure if acquiring him will mean sacrificing this year’s first-round draft pick (11th overall). “The outfield situation is set, with that possible exception,” Alderson said at Citi Field. Bourn is a Type A free agent, and under the most recent collective bargaining agreement, the team that signs him will be required to give up its first-round draft selection, unless that team holds a top-10 pick. The Mets, as the 10th-worst team in baseball in 2013, should have had the 10th pick, and therefore been able to sign Bourn without penalty. But the Pirates failed to sign their top pick last year, giving them a top-10 pick again and pushing the Mets to the 11th position. “If the rule was written for purposes of competitive balance, then it ought to relate to the teams with the 10 worst records,” Alderson said. “From my standpoint, the spirit of the rule, yeah. It’s the 10 worst records.” Although the union would likely support Bourn and the Mets in attempting to interpret the rule that way, it remains unclear if Major League Baseball would be amenable, and some in the league office have expressed skepticism that commissioner Bud Selig would help agent Scott Boras escape a bind. Alderson declined to say whether the Mets would consider signing Bourn if they were forced to sacrifice that top draft pick. “Until we are faced with that decision, I’d rather not make a categorical decision,” the GM said. Read more: