Hiro Nakajima had the option to take his two plate appearances Tuesday and call it a day. Instead, he chose to hit once more, not wanting to have consecutive games in which he went 0-for-2 with two strikeouts - and the A's new shortstop recorded his first hit of the spring. Nakajima, hitless in his previous six at-bats with five strikeouts, singled to right after listening to advice from hitting coach Chili Davis. "He said I was being overaggressive my previous two at-bats," Nakajima said through interpreter Hiroo Nishi. "He said to relax and be patient and that really helped me out." Nakajima said he was very relieved to get the first hit out of the way. "Did you get the ball?" Josh Reddick hollered jokingly after Nakajima came out of the game. Reddick and Nakajima combined on what looked like a slick play to get Arizona's Paul Goldschmidt wandering too far off second base on Cody Ross' flyball to right, but Reddick said it was totally unplanned. He was just trying to hit the cutoff man, he was a little offline, and Nakajima was right there to catch it and nab Goldschmidt. "I wasn't trying to do anything," Reddick said. Nakajima was going to turn and throw to third but found Goldschmidt too far off second-base instead. "Defense-wise, all the opportunities I've had I've executed perfectly so far," Nakajima said. "I've had setbacks offensively so at least I've got on track defensively. I'm happy about that. The days you can't hit, you have to get your defense straight." Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/athletics/article/A-s-Hiro-Nakajima-gets-1st-of-spring-4311264.php#ixzz2M7Pj5ooT