When pitching for the Rangers, C.J. Wilson criticized most everything about the A's, including their fans, their ballpark and their mound. In his Angels debut in Oakland, on May 22, he tossed eight shutout innings. It was no time for payback. Tuesday was a different story. A night after the A's were dominated by Jered Weaver, Bartolo Colon out-pitched Wilson to help Oakland end a three-game losing streak, their longest since late June, with a 10-4 victory. "He's pretty active on Twitter, and I don't follow Twitter," Jonny Gomes said when asked about Wilson's anti-A's comments over the years. "From my end, I don't get hung up on that stuff. Kind of a bozo comment by him. No one's bigger than the game. There are 30 organizations. I don't know why you've got to bag on any of them. That's for him to have in his back pocket. To tell you the honest truth, there was zero momentum for us to beat him than to beat anyone."