There was a time where Arthur Melo walking through the doors of J Medical seemed like a complete impossibility. He didn’t want to leave Barcelona, he made it be known on more than one occasion and the swap deal that he was rumored to be involved in was very much in danger of happening because Arthur had no interest in leaving the Camp Nou.

That was a couple of weeks ago.

Just around midnight in Italy on Saturday, the thing that we didn’t think was possible just a week or two took place. Mr. Melo, the man who was so staunch in his desire to stay at Barcelona, landed at the Turin airport and hopefully got a good night’s sleep ahead of running on a treadmill and the like.

Arthur has indeed walked through the doors at J Medal — which, based on this whole transfer saga over the past month didn’t even look like it was possible until a few days ago. But, now that Arthur has in fact traveled to Turin and started the final details of his move to Juventus, it’s no long er just paper talk.