The Los Angeles Angels have one of the worst records — and highest payrolls — in the American League, but owner Arte Moreno said Wednesday that the job of manager Mike Scioscia is safe. Moreno spoke to outside Major League Baseball’s headquarters in New York, where he is attending this week’s owners’ meetings. He said the chances of an in-season managerial change are “right now, zero.” “Mike has zero problems, OK?” Moreno said. “This is his 14th year. Mike goes beyond what he does on the field. He’s a good person. He’s a good person in the community, a very good baseball guy. You don’t have to ask me. You just ask other managers, other baseball people. “Look at 14 years’ worth of productivity. Look at his record. He has two World Series rings with the Dodgers. He has one with the Angels. We’ve been to the playoffs.” Scioscia, one of the highest-paid managers in baseball, is under contract with the Angels through 2018 — a significant disincentive for Moreno to fire him. In addition to that, a number of baseball observers believe Moreno will be reluctant dismiss Scioscia because of the possibility the skipper could manage the Dodgers if they fire Don Mattingly. The Angels and Dodgers compete in Southern California for fans, sponsors and media attention, and it’s reasonable to assume Moreno would not want to help his rival. Moreno acknowledged he’s aware that theory has been advanced in the media. “I’ve heard it,” he said. “Whatever. You know what? To me, if you’re going to let someone go, you’re letting someone go because you don’t believe their performance is what your expectations are. If everybody on the team was hitting .300, and the pitchers were undefeated, and all our relievers had done a good job and we’d made no errors, we wouldn’t be in this conversation.