Arsene Wenger transformed Arsenal football club but stands in the midst of a crisis as the club he cares so much for comes crashing all around. Wenger has one more season on his contract but alarm bells are ringing. This horror show cannot continue for another year. Arsenal have gone from the team you feared to face to the source of banter for opposition fans. The Arsenal built in Wenger’s vision has died and his reputation as one of the greatest minds in the game is in doubt. Sunday’s defeat at Brighton was a new low in their wretched campaign but Wenger, perhaps suffering from delusions of grandeur, believes he can turn the situation around. "It's the first time it happens in my whole career, I must say," he told Sky Sports after the final whistle. "It's not easy, but I have enough experience and enough desire to turn things around and I must say that, at the moment, when you need to stay in the game we are making a few mistakes at the wrong moments.