The Bears have yet to make moves on significant offseason personnel questions such as retaining linebackers Brian Urlacher and Nick Roach. But their division rivals and other opponents on the 2013 schedule have been busy with steps that project to have some trickle-down effect on what the Bears see starting in September: Around the NFC North I previously cited the anticipated departure of wide receiver Greg Jennings from the Green Bay Packers, less of a hit than it might have been several years ago when Jennings was at the top of the WR depth chart. But now the prospect of tight end Jermichael Finley going has reached the “handicapping” of 50/50, by Finley’s own accounting. His cap ticket for 2013 will be $8.75 million as it all stands, so Green Bay has finances to consider. But Finley put up a career-best 61 catches in 2012 and, more to the point, in the last five games against Bears he has 28 catches and four touchdowns. The Bears would be fine with a Finley exit. And the other major decision to track up north is what the Packers do with Charles Woodson, who turns 37 this season and has been a linchpin of that defense. Tyler Dunne up at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel lays it all out in thorough detail and it could be another departure with significant implications for the Bears. The Detroit Lions already have shed their offense of wideout Titus Young and guard Stephen Peterman along with defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch. assessed that Peterman allowed more pressures than any other NFL guard. But he also has started all 48 games the past three seasons, so whatever else the Lions had, it wasn’t better than Peterman….