Alex Rodriguez is waiting like the rest of us while arbitrator Frederic Horowitz decides how long A-Rod's drug suspension should be. A ruling is expected around the start of the new year. The Yankees third baseman (for now) addressed the saga Friday at David Ortiz's annual golf tournament/charity event in the Dominican Republic. A sampling of Rodriguez's thoughts, as provided by The Boston Globe: "I feel good. I have limits what I can talk about. I look forward to Horowitz making a decision and putting this behind me and getting back to hitting in the middle of the lineup." "I'm optimistic, hopefully. It's been a very tough several months. Very tough year. I'm optimistic that (a decision) will come soon. We can get it behind us and take all the stuff off the back pages and focus on playing baseball and all great things that are happening with the game." "Make a decision, whatever happens, let's move forward."