Arizona announced Wednesday that sophomore guard Brandon Williams will miss the season while he continues to rehabilitate his knee injury after another surgery.

Williams has had a congenital issue in his right knee for over three years.

“The news of Brandon’s season-ending surgery is beyond disheartening," UA coach Sean Miller said in a statement. "All of us that comprise Brandon’s Arizona basketball family, as well as our own loyal and passionate fan base, will rally around him and support him as he begins his journey to recovery.”

Williams has suffered since high school with an issue known as osteochondritis dissecans, which sometimes results in bone and cartilage breaking free and causing pain or restricted motion above his right knee.

Williams had swelling on the knee regularly while playing on the EYBL club circuit in 2016, and then had surgery on the knee as a junior at Crespi High School. He stayed out of the game for 10 months, missing the 2017 club season, then eased back and played most of his senior season.

As a freshman at Arizona last season, Williams began having problems with the knee in January.