As the entire nation grapples with issues of race, a group of Arizona State football players allegedly dealt with a gross example of racism just last night. Jordan Clark, a Sun Devils cornerback and son of former NFL standout Ryan Clark, detailed the incident on his Twitter account.

Clark says that he and a group of his teammates went to the local Whataburger, which is just blocks from Arizona State’s campus, for dinner. Because of the ongoing national health crisis, which is particularly bad in the state of Arizona right now, the dining room was closed and food was only available via drive-thru. As a result, the players say they tried to have someone in a car take their money to buy the food.

Clark said that one white woman initially rejected their request, so they moved on to another person who agreed to help them. When they went to wait for the food, however, the first woman pulled up to the pay window, and accused them of harassment, got her meal comped by the restaurant, and then sped away, using the N-word to describe the players multiple times. The Whataburger manager was also deeply unhelpful, Clark said.