Arizona State’s football season is just two weeks old, but already a portion of its fan base is fed up. After last Saturday’s loss to San Diego State, the social-media outrage got so bad that the football program had to intervene, an act that got national attention. Posted at 12:46 a.m. Sunday on the official ASU football twitter account: “If you feel the need to Tweet/DM degrading and insulting comments at our student-athletes, please direct it to this account instead. Thanks.” The best and worst parts of social media: It gives everyone a voice. A decade ago, people could say whatever they wanted about college athletes and no one cared because so few heard about it. Basically, what was said in the sports bar, stayed in the sports bar. Much has changed. Today, since most college athletes have Twitter accounts, fans can direct venom directly to an athlete’s digital doorstep. For better or worse, this gives the public an opportunity to communicate with players on the field. It also blurs the line over what's appropriate and what isn't.