There was no question the ball was gone, long gone, from the instant it met Stryker Trahan’s bat in a minor-league game last week, a shot that inspired a couple of teammates in the dugout to blurt out simply, “Wow.” Those kind of moments are not so unusual when Trahan, the Diamondbacks' top pick from last year's draft, is at the plate, giving the team reason to believe that he'll hit enough to reach the major leagues. The question is where he’ll play, although the Diamondbacks say Trahan is doing all he can to put those concerns to rest. Trahan is a catcher. He wants to remain one. He comes from a family of them. But even he admits he has work to do. “I want to try to stay behind the plate as long as I can,” Trahan said. “Hopefully, my catching will catch up to my bat eventually. Hopefully it’s going to be soon. I have a lot to work on, though.”