The Diamondbacks aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, but judging from their full circle of wheeling and dealing the past six months, it's clear they are trying to reinvent themselves. Consider the types of players they have moved in and out of clubhouse. They parted ways with slick and sassy ballplayers such as shortstop Stephen Drew, left-hander Joe Saunders, right-hander Trevor Bauer, center fielder Chris Young, and on Thursday said goodbye to his good buddy Justin Upton, too. Meanwhile, they've added a bunch of get-your-uniform-dirty grinders and ball-yard rats such as veterans Cody Ross, Martin Prado, Eric Chavez and Eric Hinske, and young shortstops they hope fit that mold, too, in Didi Gregorious and Nick Ahmed. "That's the way Gibby played the game," General Manager Kevin Towers said, referring to manager Kirk Gibson. "Look at our coaching staff, that's the makeup of our coaching staff, too. That's how we won in 2011." The Diamondbacks won the National League West two years ago because they staged a staggering amount of come-from-behind victories and won more than their fair share of close games. Yes, some of that was because they ground out wins and because they scratched and clawed. But a lot from that season also boiled down to just pure luck. Nevertheless, the Diamondbacks have made a statement as to how they plan to proceed. They want to be known as a scrappy team with gritty players and roll out the real version of what "Gibby Ball" is all about. "Different clubs like to look for different intangibles in players," Towers said. "We kind of like that grinding, gritty player — hard-nosed."