New head coach Bruce Arians let it be known that there would be multiple people on his offensive staff that would work with offensive lineman, particularly on technique. The new offensive coordinator, Harold Goodwin, was the offensive line coach in Indianapolis. According to Darnell Dockett's recent interview, there will be two defensive line coaches and two offensive line coaches. We don't know who those coaches will be yet, but that will be more that can work with the line than in the past. As some of you may have noted in an article thread, Kent Somers gave his thoughts on Russ Grimm in his latest blog post: That was a problem under the Whisenhunt regime. Other than an intern or two during training camps, Grimm never had an assistant line coach. At camp, it wasn't uncommon to see 10 or 12 linemen standing around, watching one guy work on pass protection. It seemed players could have received considerably more practice snaps if there had been an additional coach, and the group divided in half. Grimm's strength, to me, seemed to be in X's and O's and scheming. He liked veteran linemen, and he didn't drill into their heads that there was one specific way to do things. Get the job done, use whatever works for you: that was his philosophy. And in fairness to Grimm, he worked under offensive coordinators that were infatuated with the pass. It's hard for linemen to pass block 40 to 50 times a game.