The Cardinals are on the verge of signing offensive tackle Eric Winston according to multiple reports. That interest could be for several reasons: a.) coaches are unhappy with their current starting tackles Levi Brown and/or Bobby Massie; b.) coaches want more competition in camp. Brown is the only tackle on the roster who has started for more than one season. c.) The Cardinals learned their lesson a year ago when they were caught short at the tackle position when Brown went down with a triceps injury; or d.) a b and c. Winston has been released by two teams in two years: Houston and Kansas City. Some outlets rated his performance with the Chiefs last year as above average. Earlier this spring I was told that Cardinals folks took a look at Winston’s 2012 season and were not impressed at least not for the money Winston was seeking. No one else has knocked Winston over with an offer apparently so I assume his salary request has decreased. Perhaps signing him makes more financial sense now.