Quarterback talk has dominated discussion surrounding the Arizona Cardinals since Carson Palmer went down with an injury against the Rams in London. With Palmer retiring from the NFL, it will likely continue to dominate discussion for the team through the off-season and NFL draft, as it does for all but a lucky handful of NFL teams. The Heat Index takes a look at some potential options for NFL teams quarterback-shopping in the near future. Potential free agent quarterbacks/trade options Tyrod Taylor: Several NFL writers listed Taylor as a potential option for the Cardinals at QB in 2018, including CBS Sports' Ryan Wilson, who wrote: "Blaine Gabbert could start for Arizona this week. This is reason enough to include Taylor here." Kirk Cousins: The Redskins had been reluctant to commit to Cousins for more than one season at a time and he will be on the market after Washington traded for Alex Smith. He will command a hefty price tag in free agency. Colin Kaepernick: We had to list him, even though its highly unlikely the Cardinals would turn to the former 49ers QB. Still, he has to be better than some other options, right? A.J. McCarron: The Browns reportedly almost acquired the Bengals backup before the NFL trade deadline. He hasn't seen much NFL action, but has shown promise when given the chance (a la Jimmy Garoppolo).