When quarterbacks finally started flying off draft boards in the fourth round of the NFL draft on Saturday, the Cardinals simply looked the other way with no interest. Despite saying it makes sense to draft a quarterback every year, they didn’t take one with any of their nine picks in the draft. That doesn’t preclude Arizona from signing a quarterback to a rookie free-agent contract, although that seemed farfetched after listening to General Manager Steve Keim. “I know early on in the process I had talked about subscribing to the theory about taking a quarterback every year and I really still believe in that,” Keim said. “The difference is our two draft choices came through free agency (and a trade) in Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton, so we didn’t feel like that was a necessary move that we needed to make. “And quite frankly, the way the board shook out, the quarterback at no point was the top plate on our board so it made the decision quite easy.” Something familiar With their first pick of the day on Saturday, the Cardinals used the 103rd overall selection to draft Texas outside linebacker Alex Okafor in the fourth round. That’s exactly where they found another outside linebacker from Texas two years ago. Sam Acho was the 103rd overall pick, too, and he played two years alongside Okafor. “It’s nuts,” Okafor said. “I actually talked to Sam probably a couple minutes ago and we were just talking about how it’s crazy, (that) the same thing happened to him. … It’s crazy that it’s the same round, same time in the draft, same team that they come after me. It’s just a blessing.” Both players spent time at defensive end in college, but Okafor, like Acho, plans to transition to outside linebacker in the Cardinals’ 3-4 defensive scheme. “At the combine, I sat down with them and they asked me, ‘You didn’t play much standing up or 3-4 backer in college. Do you think you can play that?’ ” Okafor recalled. “I looked at them dead in the eyes and said I’m confident in my ability and I can play that position. They trusted me and we’ll see how it works out.” Having Acho around should help Okafor quickly learn the way of life in the NFL. “It’s great,” he said, “because one of the things you have to transition to in the NFL is making all new friends on the team and getting to know people. But I get to come in with a guy that I played two years with already and that was already a mentor of mine. “It’s a perfect situation for me. I know Michael Floyd well because we have the same agency. I know some people in the program already. It’s just going to be a great fit for me.”