During a short interview session with reporters on Friday, Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett mentioned a couple of times that he is entering his 11th season in the NFL. So, Dockett was asked, does that mean he thinks the window of opportunity is closing for himself and receiver Larry Fitzgerald, also in his 11th season with the team? "Window in the NFL is always closing, whether it's Year 11 or Year 5," Dockett said. "Especially playing the position I play. The position I play is the most physical position on the field. So anytime you go out there the window is closing because you know for a fact you can't do it 20, 21 years." Dockett then started having a little fun, tossing some good-natured barbs at Fitzgerald. "Larry, different position," Dockett said. "He plays wide receiver. Can play that (expletive) as long as you damn want. Jerry Rice played what, 18 years and (expletive)? "And Larry is always in shape. Larry can probably be 20 years in the (expletive) league. He never gets hit. He always falls down. He don't get tackled. " Fitzgerald is also friendly with many players in the NFL, it was noted.