Closer inspection of the FBI indictments filed Tuesday suggest Arizona basketball's Emanuel "Book" Richardson paid $15,000 to a top 2018 recruit, and that Arizona basketball was at least willing to offer $150,000 to another. According to complaints filed by the Justice Department, Richardson — one of the 10 arrested who were involved in the bribery scheme — allegedly paid $15,000 to five-star Class of 2018 point guard Jahvon Quinerly. The complaints allege Arizona was willing to offer $150,000 to what is believed to be five-star small forward Nassir Little, also in the 2018 class. Per the complaint, former NBA agent Christian Dawkins — also arrested on Tuesday — asked an undercover agent on July 5, 2017 for $15,000, which he would then give to Richardson to secure Quinerly's commitment to the Wildcats. Though neither the University of Arizona nor Quinerly were named in the complaint, they are clearly identifiable as "University-4" and "Player-5," respectively. "Dawkins told UC-1 that he had a 'top point guard in the country' — who, based on my participation in this investigation, I believe is a reference to Player-5 — who was ready to commit to playing for University-4.