Mark Cuban woke up this morning finding his team at 20-28, and a full six games behind Houston for the eighth and final seed in the Western Conference. Worst yet, the arrow once again points decisively down. After a four game winning streak last month gave us a glimmer of hope with a little less than a month left prior to the All Star Break, our Mavs have lost five of eight, including three of their last four. Chances are it gets worse, not better. Punctuating the latest disappointment in a season full of them was Monday night's demolishing at the hands of former rival/current answer to Pedro Martinez's infamous "who's your daddy" question, the Oklahoma City Thunder. One game is just one game, but I can't shake the feeling that that night perfectly delineated the gulf in talent and circumstance between Dallas and a legitimate contender like OKC. Dallas isn't right there. They are far, far away. So another game lost. Another chance at narrowing the playoff gap gone. Another major dent in our emotional fan-armor. The time is fast approaching when we might just have to face the fact that this season simply isn't going to work out the way we thought/hoped. This needs to change the discussion on a few things.