The upcoming schedule — not to mention the law of averages — gives hope that better times might be ahead. The Padres have three more games against the dreadful Cubs before going to hitter-friendly parks in Arizona and Chicago (White Sox). The only opponent with a winning record among the next eight series is the Washington Nationals, who will visit Petco. To this point, though, the belief of those who fund the Padres is that their team is underachieving — and doing so in an ugly and unacceptable manner. Might this be change for change’s sake? Certainly. If Black is fired, I wouldn’t be surprised if the men who pull the trigger admit that. But sometimes, you can’t argue with grasping desperately for a salve. At least the brass would be doing something, though we could certainly be skeptical pending any sort of net gain. Fact is, a dozen players can’t be fired at midseason. Getting rid of a general manager now also would change nothing. (However, if this assemblage of talent doesn’t turn out to be more, um, talented by season’s end, GM Josh Byrnes likely also will be part of wholesale changes.)