At least one team in the NFL is not fully convinced the Jets are selecting Zach Wilson with the second overall pick. And, perhaps, a few more.

It's a thought worth considering, at the very least. And an option worth entertaining, at the very least, for a football franchise that has done such a horrible job of developing a first-rate passer. What if the Jets chose Justin Fields? Is that really out of the question? Is that somehow crazy?

Anything goes this time of year in the NFL, with the draft less than two weeks away and silly season in maximum overdrive. And at a time when there has suddenly been at least a little more wiggle room in Mock Draft Nation – and in Vegas – when it comes to San Francisco taking Fields and not Mac Jones with the third overall pick (readers of this space already knew that was coming), well, why is it not worth examining the possibilities that the Jets don't grab Wilson?

Consider the fact that the narrative that the Jets were absolutely, positively going to take Wilson began well before the quarterback evaluation process was complete. In fact, it started to take shape before all of the quarterbacks had even completed their workouts. Now, count me among those who heard from proven, trusted sources, weeks ago, that Wilson was the Jets' guy at that time and they had an eye on him all along … But that doesn't mean they had to make the decision then, and they still don't have to make it now.