The Giants may have gotten better this offseason, but they didn't get all that much younger. Justin Tuck, who turns 31 on Saturday, is gone. So are Shaun Rogers (35), David Diehl (33) and Corey Webster (32). But the reality is they are being replaced by free agents, players who are on their second and, mostly, third professional contracts. The 10 new players the Giants signed (see above) will all be between the ages of 27-29 when the season begins. That's considered the prime of most careers. When the Giants went shopping the offseason, age was taken into consideration. It wasn't, however, the overriding factor. "You always have the idea to replenish younger, maybe that is the term," coach Tom Coughlin said. "I don't think it is necessarily the No. 1 thought going on, but certainly it is something on your mind. "You'd like to have productivity at the conclusion of the contract with a guy in free agency. So younger, yes. Stronger, bigger, leadership, faster, all those things." The Giants will be a tad bit younger this season. After last year's final cuts, they were 27th out of 32 teams in terms of average age at 26.66, according to's Jimmy Kempski. After their moves in free agency and the addition of six rookies at the average age of 22, the Giants would be at an estimated 26.43. That would have ranked them 23rd last year. Will the Giants be younger? Yes. Will they be young as a whole in comparison to the rest of the league? No. Young teams are ones that had recent success in the draft. They don't have to replenish the roster through free agency. The Giants were one of the most active teams in free agency this year. They signed 10 new players and re-signed nine others. It's not ideal, but it was making the best of what they had to work with after a couple years of a deteriorating roster. "One of the bad things [with the Giants] is you don't have young developing depth to take their place," former NFL personnel executive and current ESPN analyst Louis Riddick said last week. "Where else are you going to fill up your roster? You have to fill it out through free agency. Really, it's a culmination of free agency is the end result of your program and your development program not really hitting on all cylinders. That is the price you pay. So I think it is out of necessity. They have to." Even Coughlin called the overhaul "necessary." The depth of it didn't surprise him, either. The Giants were coming off a season they salvaged, just to finish 7-9 and out of the postseason.