Before Dan Haren signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers, rumors still persisted that the team was intent on landing Masahiro Tanaka. He knew that Chad Billingsley was on the comeback trail. There was a pretty good chance he'd be looking over his shoulder at some point in the season if he wasn't performing well. Funny thing is, even though Tanaka landed with the New York Yankees and Billingsley's comeback ended with yet another elbow surgery, Haren finds himself wondering whether he has a role in the Dodgers' rotation after all. After another rough first inning put the Dodgers in a hole they couldn't climb out of in Wednesday night's 6-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates, Haren admitted he was told the Dodgers will skip at least his next start. That means he won't pitch again until Aug. 2 at the earliest and there's a rather important date between now and then: the July 31 trade deadline. The Dodgers would like to add a starting pitcher and it appears Haren's spot is the one they're targeting now that Josh Beckett is off the disabled list. Haren, 33, has been around a long time. He knows how these things work. He has seen plenty of older teammates come and go. He's 8-8 with a 4.49 ERA and his season is heading the wrong way after such a promising April (4-0, 2.03 ERA). The Dodgers consider themselves serious World Series contenders and they're probably not going to settle for the kinds of starts Haren has been giving them lately.