The Dallas Mavericks have been criticized for their toughness over the years, and Tyson Chandler bringing some toughness to the team was credited with part of the reason they won the 2011 NBA Championship. It looks like that issue could be coming back up again. From Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News: Were the Mavericks too wimpy? After the game, Carlisle said the Mavericks “weren’t fighting hard enough.” That’s alarming to hear. This is a team that doesn’t have as much talent as numerous other teams in the league and needs to play at full throttle to survive. When you hear the coach saying that there wasn’t enough fight during the second quarter, that’s a signal that he’s not happy with the effort. Mirza Teletovic was going off like a fireworks show. He hit his first seven shots, five of them from 3-point range. And not once did the Mavericks send him to the free-throw line in his 24-point second-quarter barrage. Sometimes, you got to give somebody a hard knock to get them out of a rhythm.