The Eagles have a Super Bowl MVP at backup quarterback while other teams can't even say they have a competent starter. That reality, even if Nick Foles is now a hero in Philadelphia, could very well lead to the team trading him this offseason. If they do, it is hard to find a better landing spot for Foles than the Buffalo Bills. Why the Bills? If the Eagles do trade Foles, they are going to want to do it for draft picks. The Eagles have six draft picks in the 2018 NFL Draft, with only one of those picks coming in the first 100 selections. The Bills, on the other hand, have five picks in the first 100, including two in the first round (No. 21 and 22), two in the second round (No. 53 and 56) and the last pick of the third round (No. 96). The No. 96 pick is Buffalo's after the Eagles traded it to them this past offseason for cornerback Ronald Darby.