Raise your hand if, before the season, you had the Bears at 1-1 going into the Lovie Bowl at Soldier Field.

OK, most of you are lying. Now raise your hand if you had the Bears 0-2.

I had to put my hand down to start typing again.

So, as bad as the Bears’ passing offense and run defense looked last week, they are slightly ahead of most of our schedules. I had them going 7-10, and nothing has changed my perspective.

It will get better. It will get worse.

But the Bears’ limited expectations as a team in 2022 puts more of a spotlight on Justin Fields, the one real building block of the team. So when Fields plays poorly, as he did in the first half of the opening muckfest at Soldier Field and in the annual quarterback mismatch known as Bears-Packers, it feels even worse than it was.

Every game can’t be a referendum on Fields’ future as a Bears quarterback. But on Sunday night, he certainly gave some film to his detractors.

Fields would’ve had more than 11 passing attempts had the Bears done anything of note on offense between their first full drive at Lambeau Field and their sixth. That’s not all on Fields, but a lot of it is.

Remember that second drive in Green Bay? Fields took a sack on first down and then threw a screen pass to Darnell Mooney for minus-4 yards.