This from an NFC scout when asked about the formerly fat mess known as JaMarcus Russell: "I've been following his comeback story pretty closely. I think a lot of teams are. Good chance he gets a second shot." Whoa. What? You mean some teams think Russell has a legitimate shot, at a second shot? It sure sounds that way. Russell is one of the most bloated draft busts in NFL history. He possessed great talent, but his weight bulged to more than 300 bills, he was lazy, didn't study and became the prototypical draftee that took his success for granted. After the Oakland Raiders dumped Russell, many team executives said he would never play professional football again. That could still be the case, but it seems teams are willing to give one of the great draft failures another look. A serious look. I'm told that a number of teams have been following Russell's comeback attempt closely. It's not the entire league, but it's more than a few teams.