Three words sum up the NBA community's response to the elimination of foul calls on non-basketball moves: addition by subtraction.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a coach or executive who isn't in favor of the change. It seems nobody, except perhaps the superstars who mastered exploiting the previous rules, enjoyed players hunting whistles to such a degree. In a memo obtained by B/R, the league office informed teams on Tuesday that the new officiating on non-basketball moves has drawn unanimous support from the NBA's Competition Committee.

The results so far are a clear win for the league's on-court product. Team field-goal attempts are up 1.4 per game. Free-throw attempts are down by 1.8. The overall average pace is up from 99.2 last season to 99.9, per Basketball Reference.

For a league determined to engineer an exciting nightly product for a generation of multi-screen watchers, faster games with fewer starts and stops have made for a better viewing experience than most NBA observers can remember. But perhaps more interestingly, the biggest fans of the rule change seem to be the basketball purists within the coaching community.